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Consultancy Services

Consultancy Services

Quality Improvement

We are experienced in quality improvement techniques and approaches in healthcare.  We have published on quality improvement and delivered training to build capacity and capability in a wide range of organisations including provider organisations such as general practices and hospitals, Residential Aged Care Facilities as well as Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Primary Health Networks (PHNs), and other organisations.

Communication Skills

We provide a range of communication skills training, in particular, training in consultation skills and effective communication using structured communication methodologies such as SBAR or ISOBAR. We have a specific offering for the staff of residential aged care facilities on using SBAR communications.

Organisational (Practice) Development

We can assist with organisational development.  We have particular expertise in assisting health services and primary care practices to improve and transform.  We used concepts from lean and six sigma to support improvement and are very familiar with models of high-performance health care such as the patient centred medical home, healthcare homes, patient centred neighbourhoods, Productive General Practice and approaches to healthcare integration.

Relationship Awareness Training and Strengths Deployment Inventory

Relationship Awareness Theory is a theory developed by the psychologist Elias Porter. It incorporates and blends theories of other famous psychologists such as Edward Tolman, Kurt Lewin, Carl Rogers, Eric Fromm and Karen Horney.  

The Strengths Deployment Inventory is a practical instrument that is based on the Relationship Awareness Theory.

Dr. Paresh Dawda is a licenced facilitator and utilises the SDI tool for clients to support:

  • leadership development
  • team development
  • conflict resolution

Workshops and Facilitation

We offer facilitation services for workshops.  Our particular skills are based on years of experience in the primary health care sectors working with diverse groups of participants that include clinicians, non-clinicians and service users.  We aim to provide bespoke workshops designed to achieve predefined aims.  We use an engaging methodology and a range of facilitation tools appropriate to the task in hand to maintain an engaging and productive outcome. 

Leadership Training

We offer clinical leadership training to a wide range of healthcare professionals and in particular GPs. Our leadership training takes a bespoke approach designed to the needs of the client and purpose of a leadership development programme. The design of our program usually is based on a

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