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Clinical Services

Clinical Services

Professional Medical Attendance

Our outreach primary care service provides medical attention to you at your home.  The service is designed to support those who are unable to access mainstream general practice services because of difficulty in travelling. For example, patients residing in aged care facilities or disability homes or housebound people. We believe in the continuity of care and therefore we will not attend for people requesting one-off consultations.

Comprehensive Medical Assessment

A comprehensive health assessment is the cornerstone of quality care of older people and those with complex medical needs. It leads to improved identification and management of health care needs. The multidimensional assessment incorporates physical, psychological and social function as well as medical health, and so a multidisciplinary approach is often helpful.

Care Planning

Care planning is an essential part of healthcare. It provides a "road map" of sorts, to guide all who are involved with a patient/resident's care. We complete and contribute the medical components to the care plan.

Bulk Billed

Medication Review

A medication review offers the opportunity to review all the medication, consider whether they are all still necessary, identify if any that would be beneficial are missing, the dosing and monitoring requirements. As people get older and as they develop other medical conditions a review of medication is a good idea.

We work collaboratively with pharmacists specifically trained in undertaking medication reviews.

Workers Injury

We offer nominated treating doctor services to staff of aged care facilities we visit.

For staff who are injured at work the Workers Compensation Act 1951 (the Act) aims to provide them with timely, safe and durable return to work through effective injury management and income support. It works in conjunction with work health and safety legislation which seeks to reduce the human and economic cost of work-related injury.

Advanced Care Planning

Advance care planning should be a routine part of a person's health care. When a person's values are discussed openly, their healthcare preferences can be respected at a time when they cannot voice their decisions. It's an ongoing process that needs cooperation between individuals, their families, care workers, and health professionals as well as community organisations and healthcare organisations. We work with all interested parties in supporting patients to develop advanced care plans.

Case Conferencing

Case conferencing is the term that is used when different providers involved in your care come together and discuss your case, ideally with you or your agreed alternative decision maker e.g. enduring power of attorney (EPOA). We will commonly organise and coordinate case conferencing to ensure the care you received is co-ordinated and all the care providers are on the same page.

Palliative Care

Our clinicians believe in holistic care and this includes palliative care. We work very closely with palliative care services and support all patients (and their families and carers) with palliative care needs. Palliative Care Australia describe palliative care as person and family-centred care provided for a person with an active, progressive, advanced disease, who has little or no prospect of cure and who is expected to die, and for whom the primary goal is to optimise the quality of life.

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