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These resources are supplied without any warranty. One of our team has reviewed the resource at time of uploading to our website. However, we make no claim as to the validity or accuracy of the content. Users are advised to make their own assessment.

Perfecting patient journeys

A set of tools and resources accompanying the perfecting patient journeys book from the lean enterprises institute.

Productive General Practice Quick Start

The Productive General Practice Quick Start programme is designed to help general practice continue to deliver high quality care whilst meeting increasing levels of demand and diverse expectations.  This is a set of resources from NHS networks.

Lean Six Sigma: some basic concepts

This introductory booklet from the NHS introduce some basic concepts of lean and six sigma for health services including an introduction, background, similarities and differences and how the NHS is integrating the two methodologies.

Going lean in the NHS

An introductory guide for healthcare organisations seeking to: • improve quality and efficiency • improve patient care and experience • improve safety and reduce mortality • reduce length of stay • reduce waste • lower costs • eliminate delays • improve staff morale.

Brene Brown Interview

A Brene Brown interview describing how teamwork at the leadership level can be of assistance.

The speed of trust

This is a presentation by Steven Covey, leading author of the Speed of Trust. He shares personal stories and extrapolates them to how trust can optimise organisations.

Coping with the COVID-19 Pandemic

This is a short video describing a transition from a fear based response, to a learning and then growth based approach.  It is based on an adapted model and illustrated in the following diagram:

Where do I want to be during COVID-19


What matters to you?

A selection of video stories from NHS Scotland's 'what matters to you?' initative.

What matters to you?

A video from British Colombia explaining what it is all about.  The hyperlink has a collection of resources.


The Montefiore Hudson Valley 'What Matters to You?' Toolkit

This toolkit is based on the experience of What matters to you implementation at the Montefiore Hudson Valley Collaborative.  It is structure on the ADKAR principles and has three phases:

  • Project Initiation Phase
  • Patient Experience Track
  • Staff Engagement Track. 

What matters to you?

A short video from Montefiore Hudson Valley Collaborative for providers on what matters to you.

International self-care foundation

The International Self-Care Foundation (ISF) is a registered UK Charity who work with all stakeholders in health, to support countries, communities and individuals in the adoption of evidence-based self-care practices.

Beyond Resilience Training

A Special Collection of Interviews from: Beyond Resiliency Training: Organizational Strategies to Alleviate Burnout and Increase Wellness in Academic Medicine.  This was a symposium that brought together experts leading to a special collection of 14 video interviews and over 70 short clips on topics that are key to understanding and addressing the many facets of burnout. The videos are designed to inform, stimulate discussion, jumpstart brainstorming, and inspire personal reflection. 


Humble inquiry

Edgar Schein is an author of a number of leadership textbooks and he describes the leadership skill of appreciative inquiry or humble inquiry.

Networks in healthcare

This is a video from the Centre for Innovation in Health Management at the University of Leeds and NHS Improving Quality.  It describes networks in healthcare and more broadly.

Organizational Culture as a Tool for Change

In this article authors discuss how the view of culture is changing amongst scholars.  They consider three myths that impede cultural change and then set out to describe three tactics or antidotes to these myths to facilitate culture change.

Activities for Transforming Teams & Igniting Change

Activities for Transforming Teams & Igniting Change (ATTIC) is a collection of activities that you and your team can use to build teamwork, develop communication skills, enable creative thinking and innovation, and help explore systems.  They are provided free of charge by the BC Patient Safety and Quality Council

NHS Scotland iHub

This is NHS Scotland's Improvement Hub. It's portal to a collection of improvement resources.

Open Notes

OpenNotes is the international movement that’s making health care more transparent. It urges doctors, nurses, therapists, and others to invite patients to read the notes they write to describe a visit.

Pandemic Kindness Movement - Spreading only kindness

The Pandemic Kindness Movement was created by clinicians across Australia, working together to support all health workers during the COVID-19 pandemic. We have curated respected, evidence-informed resources and links to valuable services to support the wellbeing of the health workforce.

The Three Elements of Trust

This article in the Harvard Business Review discusses three elements of trust: Relationships, Judgement and Consistency.

Change Leadership: The Role of Emotional Intelligence

This article discusses emotional intelligence and five components that include self-awareness, self-regulation, self- motivation, empathy, and social skill.  It goes onto describe how emotional intelligence support a leader with change management and building a team to affect change.

Telehealth resources

A collection of resources on TeleHealth from:

  • NSW Agency for Clinical Innovation

Coronavirus resources from ACCRM

A collection of resources from ACCRM related to COVID19.  This is really a portal with 9 panels of information including information from:

  1. Government and healthcare organisations
  2. News and advocacy
  3. Telehealth resources
  4. Health and wellness
  5. ACCRM's own resources
  6. Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Resources
  7. State and Territory related resources
  8. Age and maternity related resources
  9. ACRRM & RDAA Rural and Remote Response resources

The heart of resilient leadership responding to COVID19

This is a short 7 slide PDF document from Deloitte discussing resilient leadership.  It starts by describing five qualities of an effective leader and then moves onto the actions they take categorised on what they do along three dimensions.

Finding solutions in complex situations

This is a short video where Ian Bullock, Chief Executive of the Royal College of Physicians, discusses the three factors that are important for leaders during times of crisis.

What Good Leadership Looks Like During This Pandemic

This article from Harvard Business Review takes the example of Jacinta Arden (New Zealand's Prime Minister) and Adam Silver (commissioner of the National Basketball Association) to illustrate leadership skills during the COVID19 pandemic. They identified four factors as well as perhaps an attribute where the leader is able to tap in suffering to build meaning.

How 'Adaptive Spaces' enable innovation in healthcare and beyond

This is an online webinar which was delivered by Prof Uhl-Bien for the Health Foundation's Q-Community.  Successful and unsuccessful innovations in healthcare have characteristics.  She describes an overview from her findings about these characteristics.


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