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Rina Glucina

Rina Glucina
Nurse Practitioner

A Nurse Practitioner is qualified to diagnose medical problems, perform certain procedures, prescribe medications and make referrals for a wide range of conditions within their scope of practice. Rina Glucina is a Registered Nurse, Endorsed Nurse Practitioner, with General and Primary Health notations. She has had many years experience in General Nursing, working in numerous hospitals such as The Royal Women's, Prince of Wales (Sydney) and The Latrobe Regional hospital, just to name a few. She has a wealth of experience across all facets of nursing from paediatric , child, adolescent, aged care, women's health, sexual health, medical, surgical and emergencies. She has just recently returned from the outback, where I have spent the last decade, working autonomously, running remote area clinics for various Indigenous communities in the Top End, Northern Territory and Western Australia. During this time, she also worked in collaboration with the Royal Flying Doctors and Allied Health. She operates her own clinic in Torquay and offering the community of Geelong, her Melbourne and Phillip Island patients, a service shaped by her vision of providing high quality, personalised, customer-focused health care. She is qualified to perform an advanced assessment, diagnosis, planning, implementation and evaluation of a patient's health care for both simple and more complex health issues as required. Her own website is available at

Aged Care Royal Commission

Prestantia Health's Dr. Paresh Dawda provided evidence today at the Aged Care Royal Commission.

He was asked questions about many aspects of aged care and health. He discussed fit for purpose funding models to improve healthcare for those in residential aged care, the value of teamwork and need for multi-disciplinary teams, value-based approaches to providing healthcare for elderly, the integration of care including record systems.

His statement can be reviewed at

Calvary Health Care Clinical Council

Dr. Paresh Dawda has been appointed to the Clinical Council for Calvary Health.  Calvary Health is a not for profit healthcare organisation with a mission to provide quality, compassionate healthcare to the most vulnerable, including those reaching the end of their life.  This is a privileged advisory position supporting an organisation delivering hospital, community and aged care services.

Trial of Video Conferencing

Having identified an opportunity to trial video conferencing offered by a Commonwealth Government Department of Health initiative we are pleased to soon begin video conferencing for health consultations.  We are grateful to Capital Health Network who facilitated the approach to the Commonwealth.

We will be piloting this across four Residential Aged Care Facilities for urgent clinical issues only.  We are very excited by this initiative which supports all of our values of Excellence, Equity, Collaboration and Innovation.

A presentation by our pharmacist on Chronic Pain to staff at a residential aged care facility

Our practice pharmacist, Nicole McDerby, with our GP, Dr Paresh Dawda, are leading a quality improvement project addressing the management of patients with chronic pain in residential aged care. A key aspect of this project is the production of a comprehensive document contributing to the care plan held by the residential aged care facility. Nicole delivered a presentation to one of the facilities as part of their staff’s in service training on the managing chronic pain in residential aged care.

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