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Clinical Services

We provide outreach clinical services to those who are housebound or residing in residential aged care facilities and disability homes.

Training and Consultancy Services

We provide health care consultancy services with a focus on leadership, quality and patient safety improvement.

Telehealth Webinar for General Practice

Prestantia Health's Dr. Paresh Dawda co-presented a webinar on Telehealth for AGPAL (Australian General Practice Accreditation Limited.)

The webinar was presented on 3rd April 2020, soon after The Australian Government introduced temporary universal Medicare benefits for Telehealth in light of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Video Consultations

As the COVID19 crisis escalates we are increasing our offering of video consultations to our patients.  Many of our patients are elderly or have chronic conditions. Many reside in residential aged care. We are offering video consultations as a way to reduce the risk of spreading.  We are grateful for the support of all the residential aged care facilities we visit in facilitating video consultations.

The use of our video consultation service is simple and straightforward.  Watch this animation for simple instructions.


Team based care

At Prestantia Health we believe the best outcomes and experience of care for our patients can only be achieved by a team-based approach to care.  Modern healthcare is complex and so a team brings the ability to manage and support that complexity in a way an individual doctor cannot. Hear from some members of our team.

Our response to the Coronavirus pandemic

The Covid19 pandemic is creating very challenging circumstances for the whole community. Prestantia Health delivers medical care to people in residential aged care, disability homes and housebound people with complex and chronic conditions. Prestantia Health's response to Covid19 is guided by the complex mix of Commonwealth Policy, Territory policy, aged care facilities policies and protocols, our own policies and protocols, concerns for occupational health and most importantly, concern for our patients. Our response is a proportionate one, which may change based on emerging guidance.

Aged Care Royal Commission

Prestantia Health's Dr. Paresh Dawda provided evidence today at the Aged Care Royal Commission.

He was asked questions about many aspects of aged care and health. He discussed fit for purpose funding models to improve healthcare for those in residential aged care, the value of teamwork and need for multi-disciplinary teams, value-based approaches to providing healthcare for elderly, the integration of care including record systems.

Calvary Health Care Clinical Council

Dr. Paresh Dawda has been appointed to the Clinical Council for Calvary Health.  Calvary Health is a not for profit healthcare organisation with a mission to provide quality, compassionate healthcare to the most vulnerable, including those reaching the end of their life.  This is a privileged advisory position supporting an organisation delivering hospital, community and aged care services.

Trial of Video Conferencing

Having identified an opportunity to trial video conferencing offered by a Commonwealth Government Department of Health initiative we are pleased to soon begin video conferencing for health consultations.  We are grateful to Capital Health Network who facilitated the approach to the Commonwealth.

We will be piloting this across four Residential Aged Care Facilities for urgent clinical issues only.  We are very excited by this initiative which supports all of our values of Excellence, Equity, Collaboration and Innovation.

A presentation by our pharmacist on Chronic Pain to staff at a residential aged care facility

Our practice pharmacist, Nicole McDerby, with our GP, Dr Paresh Dawda, are leading a quality improvement project addressing the management of patients with chronic pain in residential aged care. A key aspect of this project is the production of a comprehensive document contributing to the care plan held by the residential aged care facility. Nicole delivered a presentation to one of the facilities as part of their staff’s in service training on the managing chronic pain in residential aged care.

Quality Improvement - Chronic Pain Management in Residential Aged Care

Our team are currently undertaking a quality improvement project aimed at improving chronic pain management for our patients in residential aged care. This complex condition is challenging to manage and requires effective collaboration and expertise from multiple health care professionals.

Voting and patients with dementia

The Australian Electoral Commission has a form for those who are unable to vote on the ground of dementia.  This form needs to be completed by a member of the family/Enduring Power of Attorney.    Once complete the doctor needs to confirm that the patient is unable to vote.  You can email the form to us at

Integrated Care and Palliative Services

Paresh Dawda will be presenting on integrated care at Clair Holland House.  A copy of the presentation is below.

He discusses the definitions of integrated care and the need to focus on a person-centred approach.  He discusses the different lenses through which integrated care may be seen, how a self-assessment may be undertaken, a case study of an integrated palliative care service from the UK and ends with sharing lessons on integrated care.


Quality Improvement

We are experienced in quality improvement techniques and approaches in healthcare.  We have published on quality improvement and delivered training to build capacity and capability in a wide range of organisations including provider organisations such as general practices and hospitals, Residential Aged Care Facilities as well as Clinical Commissioning Groups (CCGs), Primary Health Networks (PHNs), and other organisations.

Collaborative Pairs: leading collaboratively with patients and communities

Prestantia Health is delighted that Founder and Director, Dr Paresh Dawda has been selected for the Collaborative Pairs Australia program.  Collaborative Pairs is a unique program designed to assist clinicians, patients and consumers to learn together to build productive relationships and to appreciate and practice how different roles and perspectives can be a constructive force for change.

Leadership Training

We offer clinical leadership training to a wide range of healthcare professionals and in particular GPs. Our leadership training takes a bespoke approach designed to the needs of the client and purpose of a leadership development programme. The design of our program usually is based on a

International Forum for Quality and Safety

Prestantia Health's Adjunct Professor Dawda was on the organising committee for the IHI and BMJ International Forum on Quality and Safety in Melbourne on 10-12 September 2018.  As well as being on the organising committee Dr Dawda:

1.  designed and facilitated the highly successful primary care experience day

2.  captained the social evening quiz

3.  was a panel member of BMJ's breakfast session on facilitating publication of research projects

4.  chaired the poster session on improvement in progress


Going digital to deliver a healthier Australia

Prestantia Health Principal and Director, Paresh Dawda, is delighted to have provided expert input into this thought leadership roundtable policy paper on digital health in Australia produced by the Consumers Health Forum of Australia and the George Institute.

The paper focuses on test beds to be funded by the Digital Health Agency.  Dr. Dawda provided expert input into the recommendation in relation to aged care and palliative care.  These are the focus of our clinical service delivery.

Staffing levels in Aged Care Facilities

This article on ABC News calls for minimum staffing levels in aged care facilities based on research and expert opinion.

Staffing in Aged Care Facilities

As providers of General Practice services to numerous aged care facilities we would support a call that aims to improve standards of care in aged care. We are also a consultancy firm with expertise in quality and safety. A well-respected approach to evaluating quality is the equation:

Our Team

Dr Paresh Dawda
Principal and Director
Dr Paresh Dawda
Principal and Director

Dr (Adjunct Professor) Paresh Dawda is a General Medical Practitioner, academic and researcher with expertise in clinical leadership, quality and patient safety improvement.

Full Profile
Heema Dawda
Business Director
Heema Dawda
Business Director

Trained and qualified in the United Kingdom, Heema is a fellow of the Chartered Association of Certified Accountants.

Full Profile
Dr Nikolai (Nik) Manassiev
General Medical Practitioner
Dr Nikolai (Nik) Manassiev
General Medical Practitioner

Nik obtained his medical degree from the University of Varna, Varna, Bulgaria.

Full Profile
Angelene True
Principal Consultant
Angelene True
Principal Consultant

Angelene is an experienced executive and human service system leader who is passionate about adding value to public, private and not for profit sectors.

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